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This page explains how to upgrade your software for the Itential Automation Platform (IAP).

Note: Major breaking changes to be aware of prior to upgrading your Itential software are fully described in the Product Notices section.


Before upgrading:

  • Suspend all jobs through Task Manager to safely perform your update.
  • Backup Mongo data and your /opt/pronghorn/current/properties.json file.

Steps to Upgrade Itential Software

To upgrade the core IAP software:

  1. Verify the latest version of IAP) has been copied to the server. You can acquire the link for this build from the portal.

  2. The upgrade will capture your latest /opt/pronghorn/current/properties.json file and use it for your new installation.

  3. Change, cd, to the directory where the IAP install build .bin file is stored.

  4. Shutdown IAP.

  5. Upgrade Node.js to latest version of 8. See the installation documentation at the [Node.js website].

  6. Upgrade MongoDB to the latest certified version of MongoDB (refer to the Itential Minimum System Requirements).

    • Set feature compatibility version to 3.4 (refer to the recommended Itential configuration for MongoDB setup or the [MongoDB website]).

    [Node.js website]:
    [MongoDB website]:

  7. Run the following command to upgrade IAP (add -v for verbose output).

    bash pronghorn-<build-id>.linux.x86_64.bin -p
  8. Note any adapter schema errors in startup logs.

    • Errors for adapter schema issues should be fixed in the properties.json file or using the System > Adapters view.

Restart IAP & Login

  1. Restart IAP after updating the properties.

  2. Log in to verify the service is up.

  3. In the event you are unable to find old automations, tags, etc., run the migration script for the respective application and refresh IAP.

  4. For example, if you are not finding tags created on a previous version of IAP:

    • Locate the migration script for tags.

    • Run the script.

      node migrateTagRefs.js
    • Refresh IAP.

  5. If you are still experiencing issues after running the migration script, please log a ticket with the Itential Service Desk. Be sure to provide all necessary information to reproduce the issue and one of our Customer Success Agents will help to address your issue.