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Server Profiles

Server Profiles provide a way to create a profile for multiple servers as well as edit and switch between profiles easily from a single server.

Each profile includes a variety of properties, such as redis, logging, and snmp properties. Another configuration is which services are part of a profile, as one server may want to remove certain services while running others.

For the currently running profile, settings can only be seen after a restart, and a banner is presented if the viewed settings are not currently applied. Profiles can be switched out, but there must always be an active profile.


Main View

Server Profile Services

Label UI Element Function
1 Clone Profile Create a new profile by cloning an existing one.
2 Edit Profile Open the view of the main profile properties.
3 Delete Profile Delete the profile unless it is currently active.
4 Search Profiles Search profiles for a specific profile or property.
5 Active Profile View the active profile (from the left side).
6 Expand Profile Show all nested properties in a profile.
7 Make Active Profile Makes the profile active on the server upon restart.
8 Reset Profile Reset changes made to a given property.
9 Save Profile Save all changes made to the server profile.
10 Select Service Add or remove service from a server profile.
11 Search Services Search for a specific service.
12 Description Edit description and purpose of a profile.

The other view visible to a user would be the main editor page. This page includes JSON schema validation for the properties, meaning that the properties in each server profile should always be valid. The description field for this view is editable through the JSON objects, as it is a field within the properties. All functionality from the top toolbar is still functional in this view as well.

Property View

Server Profile Properties