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Service Properties

Service Properties management provides an easy way to find, edit, create, and delete global configurations for various IAP services. These configurations contain service-specific properties, such as overriding the logging or redis properties, as well as adapter-specific properties, such as the server and port the adapter will use.

All settings updated in this editor go into effect upon save. For example, if a service is updated, it will be added to the current running server profile and automatically restart with those settings in effect. Likewise, if a new service is created, it will be also be started on creation.

Deleting a service from the service properties page will remove it from the system entirely, removing it from all server profiles in which it's activated.

The editor utilizes JSON schema validation, so invalid configurations will not be saved, however it's important to know that adding incorrect information will be updated on save, and this incorrect information could potentially cause a service to no longer work correctly. Changes to these service properties affect the service on all server profiles currently running that service.


Main View

Server Properties View

Label UI Element Function
1 Search Services Search services for a specific service or service category.
2 Expand Service Type Show all services for a specific service type.
3 Add Adapter Create a brand new adapter configuration.
4 Add Application Create a brand new application configuration.
5 Clone Service Clone a service from an existing configuration.
6 View Service Show the service configuration in a new editor view on the right.
7 Delete Service Delete a service configuration.
8 Service Configuration If an adapter, opens the tab to its service configuration.
9 Brokers & Groups If an adapter, opens the tab to edit its brokers and groups.
10 Reset Service Reset changes made to a given service.
11 Save Service Editable description for the purpose of a profile.