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Once the software is upgraded, use these tasks to restart IAP and verify your applications are accessible.

Restart IAP & Login

Use the following to verify service:

  1. Restart IAP.

    sudo systemctl start pronghorn

  2. Verify Pronghorn is stopped on all servers. For every IAP application running, there should be one process running.

    ps -ef | grep Pronghorn | grep -v grep

    Example Output


  3. Login to verify the service is up. Use your login credential to connect.

    Login Screen

  4. In the event you are unable to find old automations, tags, etc., run the migration script for the respective application and refresh IAP.

  5. For example, if you are not finding tags created on a previous version of IAP:

    • Locate the migration script for tags.

      cd /opt/pronghorn/current/node_modules/@itential/tags/migration_scripts
    • Run the script.

      node migrateTagRefs.js
    • Refresh IAP.

  6. If you are still experiencing issues after running the migration script, please log a ticket with the Itential Service Desk. Be sure to provide all necessary information to reproduce the issue and one of our Customer Success Agents will help to address your problem.

Post Install Checks

Complete the following post-check verifications.

Check Applications

  • Login to each IAP/Pronghorn GUI and check System --> Apps --> Adapters for green lights.

    Note: If an app has not started then it will not be listed.

    System Settings Page

Check Configuration Manager

  • Check Configuration Manager to ensure NSO devices are visible (if NSO has been installed).

    Configuration Manager

Check Workflow Builder

  • Check Workflow Builder to ensure workflows are showing up in the list (indicating mongo access)


Custom App Updates

  • Perform any custom app based updates.

Verify Task Manager

  • Verify the Task Manager status on each of your Pronghorn (IAP) servers.