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Pre-Migration Steps

Before upgrading the IAP software, follow this guide to perform a backup and other essential pre-migration tasks.


  • Please review all Breaking Changes and other related information in the Product Notices section before upgrading IAP.

Backup Instructions

These backup instructions assume there is enough space located in <BACKUP LOC> to store the backups.

  1. Make a copy of the Mongo database.

      mongodump --host <MONGO HOSTNAME> --port=<MONGO PORT> --db=<PRONGHORN DB> --archive=<BACKUP LOC>/mongoDump<date>.bson

    Example Output


  2. Pronghorn-zip of <PRONGHORN_HOME>/current is recommended. You may need to complete this step using sudo, depending on where your backup location is saved.

      tar -czvf <BACKUP LOC>/iapBackup.tar.gz <PRONGHORN_HOME>/current

    Note: If this does not provide a full backup, you will need to replace current with the full directory name.

      sudo tar -czvf ./iapBackup.tar.gz /opt/pronghorn/itential-bundle-5-20183_2018.3.23
  3. Perform NSO/Ansible backups (if applicable).


Outage Expectations and Notification

The IAP 2020.x upgrade will require an outage of the IAP application. The length of this outage period is dependent on many factors but will likely require 1-2 hours to assume a decent safety window. During this time IAP/Pronghorn, Mongo, Redis, and Prospector will all be unavailable.

Note: All systems that share the same database connection will be need to be upgraded at the same time. If you have a disaster recovery (DR) system in your setup, the changes made to the database will take effect once the first system is updated and affect all systems using that database. This basically means that all systems will need to be upgraded at the same time.

  • All running jobs, must be paused or on manual tasks.
  • All running APIs must be finished or the shutdown will cause them to fail.

Files for Deployment

It is recommended these install files are placed in /tmp after verifying there is enough space for them in that directory. If you wish to keep copies of the install files on the server, copy them to another directory.

These files can be found on the nexus registry. If you do not have access to this registry, please contact Itential Support. The file name for the itential bin may vary slightly, depending on which bundle you are using.

Please review the Install Guide for a list of server requirements and software requirements.

Required Third Party Software

IAP requires the following software be installed.

Software Version & Install Guide
Redis 5.0.10
MongoDB v4.2.0
Node.js v12.20.1
Node.js Package Manager 6.14.8
RabbitMQ 3.8.9
Pip for Python 2 20.2.4

Note: Itential Automation Platform (IAP) is compatible with several third-party software products for network operating environments. All third-party software version compatibility is documented in Release Notes. To get the most up-to-date requirements for any third-party software, including open source, first identify which IAP release you’re using and then refer to the respective release note.