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Upgrade IAP (2019.x to 2020.x)

Upgrade Guide (2019.x → 2020.x)

This document explains how to upgrade your IAP software from release version 2019.x to 2020.x.


  • Major changes to be aware of prior to upgrading the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) are discussed in the Product Notices section.
  • All steps must be completed for the upgrade process to succeed.

Version Info

Release Type Pronghorn Upgrade - Major
Current Version 2019.3.X
New Version 2020.1.X
Restart Required Yes


Name Purpose Default / Example
MONGO HOSTNAME Server Mongo is located localhost
MONGO PORT Port used by mongo 27018
PRONGHORN_HOME Pronghorn Install Directory /opt/pronghorn
PRONGHORN_LOG Pronghorn Install Directory var/log/pronghorn
PRONGHORN DB Pronghorn Mongo Database. pronghorn
BACKUP LOC Location of backup files none
IAP 2019.2 Version Directory of old IAP itential-bundle-5-20192_2019.2.12
IAP 2019.3 Version Directory of new IAP itential-bundle-5-20193_2019.3.6
build-id Build version of IAP itential-bundle-5-20201_2020.1.2.linux.x86_64

Pre-Migration Steps

  • Refer to the PreCheck guide for the necessary steps to perform a backup and other essential pre-migration tasks.

Migration Steps

The information in this section outlines how to migrate IAP.

Note: Some processes are indepenent and can be performed in parallel by multiple engineers. Be sure, however, to complete all steps within a given process before proceeding to the next non-parallel process.

Pre-Migration Verification

Alert Before continuing any further, verify all migration steps have been completed.

  • Have Mongo and Pronghorn backups been completed?
  • Have NSO backups been taken?
  • Have all running Pronghorn Jobs been paused/canceled/or on manual tasks?
  • Has outage notification start been sent?

Shutdown IAP

Run the following to stop IAP:

  1. SSH into all Pronghorn servers and perform the following to stop Pronghorn.

    • sudo systemctl stop pronghorn
  2. Verify Pronghorn is stopped on all servers.

    • ps -ef|grep Pronghorn

Version Verification

Alert Before continuing any further, verify all migration steps have been completed.

  • Is Redis showing version 5.0.10?
  • Is the node.js version showing 12.20.1?
  • Is node package manager (NPM) showing version 6.14.8?
  • Is Mongo running version 4.2.11?

Upgrade Pronghorn (IAP)

  • Refer to the Upgrade Wizard for the necessary steps to update all instances of Pronghorn (IAP).

Restart & Postcheck Verification

  • Refer to the PostCheck guide for the necessary steps to restart IAP and verify accessibility to the applications.

Rollback Instructions

  • Refer to the Rollback guide for the necessary steps to bring your system back to the previous version.

Common Errors

  • Refer to the Common Errors guide for examples and explanations on some of the more frequent errors you may encounter in the software upgrade.