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app-operations_manager Change Logs

2020.2.5 Maintenance Release [2021-06-01]


  • 3 New Features
  • 21 Improvements
  • 31 Bug Fixes
  • 2 Chores
  • 57 Total Tickets

New Features

  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.52 [06-01-2021] - Updated schedule trigger to run in the future. Added test to verify if last run of scheduled trigger is updated with information.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.20 [04-23-2021] - Added the ability to duplicate an item in the Automation Catalog UI via clone API.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.16 [04-21-2021] - Created a new API to handle cloning an Automation document and all associated Triggers.


  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.53 [06-01-2021] - Added an info tooltip to the event trigger dialog. Also cleaned up code definitions for trigger schemas.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.48 [05-26-2021] - Updated dependencies and made minor accessibility enhancements.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.47 [05-21-2021] - Added a Cypress test to cover the automation card within the collections view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.45 [05-20-2021] - Added a Cypress test to cover the metadata drawer component in the single automation view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.44 [05-19-2021] - Added a Cypress test for the Homepage get started card.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.37 [05-13-2021] - Added a Cypress test for API triggers. This will cover the lifecycle of an API trigger within the context of a single automation view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.36 [05-12-2021] - Added Cypress test for creating and editing a scheduled trigger.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.35 [05-11-2021] - Added Cypress tests for the Automation Collection View.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.34 [05-11-2021] - Added a Cypress test to cover the details pane of the single automation view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.33 [05-10-2021] - Enabled all methods as tasks.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.32 [05-07-2021] - Added Cypress tests for deleting an automation.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.30 [05-06-2021] - Added application development documentation and aligned application folder structure with the updated application standards.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.29 [05-05-2021] - Added a Cypress test to test the lifecycle of a manual trigger within the scope of the single automation view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.19 [04-22-2021] - Added more context to error handling messages when running a manual trigger fails.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.17 [04-22-2021] - Added the ability to edit the automation name from the details view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.14 [04-21-2021] - Updated various icon actions and made several style enhancements to the UI.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.11 [04-16-2021] - A new componentName property has been added to return the workflow name in GET Automations. This information is now provided in the all automations card view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.9 [04-14-2021] - Enhanced error messaging on the server side to give the user more helpful reasons why an import failed.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.8 [04-12-2021] - When user selects a workflow from the dropdown, the application now autosaves the selected workflow; user does not have to click the Save button.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.7 [04-12-2021] - Updated Rodeo UI.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.5 [04-09-2021] - Refactored dialogs to a single component that allows for running and editing manual triggers when viewing the automations grid.

Bug Fixes

  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.57 [06-04-2021] - Updated automations to require unique names.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.56 [06-04-2021] - Updated Rodeo version. Trigger table grid now uses a fresh request when paginating.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.54 [06-01-2021] - Fixed a missing automationID reference causing an extra request every page load.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.51 [06-01-2021] - Updated documentation links in toolbar and homepage card.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.50 [06-01-2021] - Fixed an error in the server when running a trigger that fails.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.49 [05-27-2021] - Resolved issues in UI for creating/editing an API trigger. Removed the GET API trigger type and fixed the POST trigger variable. Also implemented a POST trigger schema.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.46 [05-20-2021] - Resolved infinite request loop in the Manual Run Dialog. Updated front end request to use the automationId for retrieving triggers for a specific automation.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.43 [05-19-2021] - Sidebar search will now preserve the input value when deleting or creating an automation.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.42 [05-18-2021] - Updated event and API trigger forms to save selected JST.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.41 [05-18-2021] - Modified the Cypress test document to remove workflows in an error state.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.40 [05-17-2021] - Refactored triggers table in automation details view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.39 [05-17-2021] - Updated automations to include lowercase and uppercase names in the same sort group.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.38 [05-17-2021] - Changed the tooltip position; it is no longer in front of the Run Automation button.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.31 [05-06-2021] - Adjusted the number of cards per row with a media query. Screen widths 1500px and less now show 3 cards instead of 5.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.28 [05-03-2021] - Refactored global CSS styles.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.27 [04-30-2021] - Restored the reveal button in the left navigation panel. Panel can now be expanded after it has been collapsed.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.26 [04-30-2021] - Fixed capitalization for all input labels in the Scheduled Trigger dialog.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.26 [04-30-2021] - Fixed title bar in left navigation to handle long text. Overflow text is now hidden with an ellipsis.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.25 [04-28-2021] - Added CSS override for Firefox icon issue in Schedule Form.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.24 [04-28-2021] - Added focus to various dialog inputs, style fixes, and sorting cards. The workflow grid view now sorts all cards rather than cards on the current page.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.22 [04-27-2021] - Made text and style updates throughout automation detail view.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.21 [04-23-2021] - Automations created via API now require the name field to be a string with at least 1 character. This aligns the API with how the application UI currently functions.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.18 [04-22-2021] - Icon for dashboard button is now a small house. Removed hover effects on app title. Copied the CSS logic from Automation Studio to ensure the accordion menus use the full available space.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.15 [04-21-2021] - Updated styles in Automation Portfolio view and delete dialog.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.13 [04-19-2021] - Fixed a data key mismatch; the lastUpdated user and timestamp metrics now update correctly.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.12 [04-16-2021] - Added ability to change type when creating a trigger.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.10 [04-15-2021] - Added logic to prevent disabled Manual Triggers from running.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.8 [04-09-2021] - Implemented bug fix that prevents users from creating infinite loops with Event Triggers in jobStart and jobComplete.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.4 [04-07-2021] - Made various style updates to the UI. Also added an export option when viewing a single automation page.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.3 [04-05-2021] - Verified the UI for event triggers is working.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.2 [04-01-2021] - Updated UI with design feedback.


  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.55 [06-04-2021] - Added ticket numbers to changelog entries.
  • app-operations_manager:1.19.0-2020.2.23 [04-28-2021] - Added functional test configuration to the project.