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01 Overview


Policy Manager allows consumers to maintain a centralized collection of traffic policies to be deployed to multi-vendor device collections. By default, a limited number of devices are supported by Policy Manager, but the list of devices that can be used with Policy Manager can be expanded through the use of integrations.

Policy Manager establishes a contract for integrations that supports reading and writing ACL configuration from an arbitrary device type.

Each integration must provide the following resources in order for Policy Manager to interface with a new device OS:

  1. TextFSM templates for import.
    • Target templates: Used to retrieve information about interfaces on devices.
    • Policy templates: Used to import access list policies already existing on devices.
  2. Jinja2 template for export: A single template used to build configuration for a device in order to export a PM policy.
  3. JavaScript mapper implementation: A JavaScript module which transforms template results into Policy Manager entities, and transforms Policy Manager entities before they are fed into the export template.

Integrations may be loaded through a REST API, and it is recommended that third party integrations use this API to maintain integration versions in deployed environments through continuous deployment pipelines.