Breaking Changes

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Automation Gateway

BREAKING CHANGE for 2020.1 -> 2020.2

The following are breaking changes for the 2020.2 release.

API Removal Due to Scheduled Deprecations

The table below shows a list of APIs that have been removed from IAG. Our policy is to provide a deprecation notice two (2) release cycles in advance (at a minimum) before the API is removed. This list represents all deprecations announced in the 2019.3 release.

What should I do?

Review any custom apps and adapters that might reference any APIs on the list and change them to the replacement call (or remove them if no replacement call is given.)

Removed APIs

Item Description Deprecation Release Actual Removal Release Replacement
/api/v1.0 API for managing devices, modules, roles, and playbooks. 2019.3 2020.2 /api/v2.0