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Workflow Engine

Deprecations in WorkFlowEngine are shown in the table below.

Item Description Deprecation Release Removal Release Replacement
getJobByID Gets all information for a job by its ID number. Includes task details and transitions. 2018.3 2019.2 getJob
startJob Start a workflow job. 2018.3 2019.2 startJobWithOptions
getCompletedJobs Get a list of completed jobs. 2018.3 2019.2 searchWorkflows
exportWorkflow Export a single workflow document. 2019.2 2020.1 WorkflowBuilder.exportWorkflow [/workflow_builder/export]
importWorkflow Import a single workflow document. 2019.2 2020.1 WorkflowBuilder.importWorkflow [/workflow_builder/import]
queryTasks Query the tasks collection. 2019.3 2020.2 /workflow_engine/searchTasks
claimJob Claim a job by job ID and username. 2019.3 2020.2 No replacement.
releaseJob Release a job by job ID. 2019.3 2020.2 No replacement.
Task: WorkflowEngine->eventListener Event Listener task within an automation. 2019.3 2021.1 Task: WorkflowEngine->eventListenerJob
returnCompletedTaskData Completes a task and returns the updated job. 2020.1 2021.1 /workflow_engine/finishTask