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Workflow Engine

Deprecations in WorkFlowEngine are shown in the table below.

Item Description Deprecation Release Removal Release Replacement
Task: WorkflowEngine→eventListener Event Listener task within an automation. 2019.3 2021.1 Task: WorkflowEngine→eventListenerJob
returnCompletedTaskData Completes a task and returns the updated job. 2020.1 2021.1 /workflow_engine/finishTask
getJobDeep Get active job details. 2020.2 2021.1 GET /workflow_engine/job/:job_id/details and POST /workflow_engine/tasks/search
startJobWithOptions Users will no longer be able to pass in values for job variables if the supplied value does not match the type (string, number, object, array, boolean, null) where the job variable is used. 2020.2.0 2021.2.0 N/A