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Workflow Engine

Deprecations in WorkFlowEngine

Deprecations in WorkFlowEngine are shown in the table below.

Item Description Deprecation Release Removal Release Replacement
returnCompletedTaskData Completes a task and returns the updated job. 2020.1 2021.1 /workflow_engine/finishTask
getJobDeep Get active job details. 2020.2 2021.1 GET /workflow_engine/job/:job_id/details and POST /workflow_engine/tasks/search
extractOutput option in transformation task The extractOutput property in the Run Transformation dialog is now hidden within the Task Details dialog. Any existing workflows that previously used that option will continue to function as they did before; however, there will be no way to set it for new tasks nor edit for existing tasks. 2021.1 2021.2 None

Starting Jobs with Incorrect DataTypes

When starting a job with variables, users will no longer be able to input incorrect values for those variables. For example, let's take a simple automation like this one below.

Figure 1: Example Automation

Automation with Variables

The correct types for the job variables are pictured below. Notice the form_name should be a string, resembling "this is a string", and the instance_data should be an object, resembling { "key": "data" }.

Figure 2: Input Job Variables

Job Variable Types

With the example below, the variables are set incorrectly, where an object is used for the form_name and a string for the instance_data.

Figure 3: Set Variables

Bad Variable Types

Even with the incorrect variable types that were supplied, the automation will actually run when the user clicks Start.

Figure 4: Run Automation

Ran Automation

Beginning with IAP 2020.2, however, the system will now display a warning message (at the bottom) to alert users they have given the job incorrect variables.

Figure 5: Warning Message for Incorrect Input Types

Warning Message

What should I do?

At a minimum of two releases from IAP 2020.2, this automation will no longer run if the job variable inputs do not match the type defined in the task. Begin now to modify your task input behavior to only start jobs with the correct input types for job variables so that once it becomes required, it will not impact your operations.

Item Description Deprecation Release Removal Release Replacement
startJobWithOptions Users will no longer be able to pass in values for job variables if the supplied value does not match the type (string, number, object, array, boolean, null) where the job variable is used.
Note: If the value passed in is undefined, it processed as type null.
2020.2 2021.2 N/A

Replacement for Activate Property within Service Config Layer

Workfow Engine will no longer support the activate property within its service_config. Currently, this property allows a specific configuration of the Workflow Engine application to allow or disallow working tasks upon startup. The replacement for this call is the processTasksOnStartup property that exists in the properties.json. The replacement property can be set to true to allow working tasks on a specific server on startup, or it can be set to false to disallow working tasks on startup.

One special case is if a job is started via child job and passes in a value of undefined for a variable. This will be processed as type null instead of being processed with an undefined type.

Item Description Deprecation Release Removal Release Replacement
activate (service_config property) Establishes if the Workflow Engine task worker is active on startup; this will no longer be determined at the service_config layer. 2021.1 2022.1 processTasksOnStartup (properties.json property)