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Known Issues

Known Issues with 2019.2.3 Maintenance Release

Workflow Builder/Engine don't work as expected when a custom app or adapter fails to compile on startup

The 2019.2.3 maintenance release introduced a startup issue for some project deployments.

This publication should help determine if your project deployment is affected.

The main symptom of this issue is the Workflow Builder only displaying 2 apps.

Workflow Builder

After restarting the Workflow Builder, many additional apps will appear in the Workflow Builder but tasks will remain in the running state indefinitely.

This issue can occur in one of two ways:

  1. An application or adapter fails to load at startup.

    This is the most frequently-observed condition; it is triggered by an app or adapter which fails to compile.

    To identify this condition, navigate to the Settings => System page in the IAP GUI.

    The following error log will be observed in the system journal:

    No health data recorded for Module:BrokenApp

    To correct this condition, remove the failing app/adapter from the active profile and restart the platform.

  2. The permissions on the node_modules/@itential directory are incorrect.

    This is a less likely condition; it is triggered by a combination of filesystem permissions and the ansible manager adapter's reference_node feature.

    The IAP installer will set the filesystem ownership and permissions to be writable by the itential service account preventing this condition from occurring in most cases.

    To confirm these permissions are still correct and have not been modified by external deployment scripts, run the following command:

    ls -l node_modules | grep "@itential$"

    The directory should be owned and writable by the itential service account:

    drwxr-xr-x. 52 pronghorn pronghorn  4096 Dec  1 20:11 @itential

    To correct this condition, change the ownership and user write permissions of the node_modules/@itential folder back to their expected values:

    chown -Rf pronghorn:pronghorn node_modules
    chmod -Rf 755 node_modules

We are actively working on resolving this issue and will update this notice once a permanent solution is available.