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Adapter Deletion within Admin Essentials (2020.2.2)

Previously, Admin Essentals would not allow a user to delete an adapter that was in a profile. Now adapters can be deleted from Admin Essentials regardless of their status in the system profiles. On delete, a warning message will appear and then the adapter will be stopped and removed from every profile where it is found.

Problem Explanation

In an HA environment with three servers (i.e., IAP1, IAP2, IAP3), when an adapter instance is deleted from IAP1, two things happen:

  1. The adapter is "stopped" which kills the node process in IAP1.
  2. The adapter is removed from the profiles it is in.

Keep in mind that technically, IAP2 and IAP3 will still have their instance of the adapter running in memory. With the first action above, once the instance was deleted, the adapter was automatically "stopped" in IAP 1 only. This was not automatically applied for the other servers. Consequently, the user should also "stop" the adapter on IAP2 and IAP3. Otherwise, this could cause the instances in an HA environment to be out-of-sync.