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Version Lifecycle

Lifecycle Intent

Itential is always improving and updating software, and to provide our customers with the latest in network automation, all of our software versions have a designated lifecycle. A natural part of this is to shift our developer focus toward features and enhancements that utilize newer technologies to ensure all our products are cutting edge.

Maintenance Releases

Maintenance Releases are scheduled for availability on the 1st Tuesday of every month during a major version lifecycle. If that day should fall on a holiday, the release will be rescheduled for the next business day.

End of Support

After two years, a major software version reaches its "End of Support" (EOS) date. Once the software reaches EOS, Itential will no longer accept support tickets related to the version, and Maintenance Releases for the version will cease to be published.

Supported Versions

Version Release Date End of Support
PH5 04-SEP-17 29-DEC-19
2018.3 (PH6) 09-NOV-18 09-NOV-20
2019.1 01-APR-19 01-APR-21
2019.2 02-AUG-19 02-AUG-21
2019.3 06-DEC-19 06-DEC-21