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The main user interface (UI) for Admin Essentials | Adapters consists of the Configuration and Logging tabs, as described below. Please note that available views, features, and interactions in the UI are limited based on user permissions.

Configuration Tab

This is the main landing page for the Adapter details view. If your adapter has properties to edit, they will be displayed here in a form. If not, logging can be edited in the Advanced view (if user permission has been granted in the Adapters- updateAdapter permission method) or in the Logging tab.

Adapter Details

Advanced View

To turn-on the Advanced view, use the toogle switch located in the upper-right corner. Brokers and groups can also be edited in the Advanced view.

Advanced View Toggle

Clone or Delete an Adapter

The More button (stacked dots icon) next to the toggle switch allows users to clone or delete an adapter if they have the proper permissions. Authorization to clone an adapter is set with the Adapters - createAdapter permission method. To delete, the Adapters - deleteAdapter method is used.

Adapter Advanced

Logging Tab

You can view the changelog of an adapter from the Logging tab. Use the Select Log dropdown to view the changelog for a particular release. From this tab you can also change the log level settings.

Adapter Changelog