Admin Essentials

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Admin Essentials is an all-in-one interface used to view and modify all admin level properties across the Itential platform.

General Overview


The main interactions and features on the Admin Essentials launch page are shown in the table below.

Label UI Element Function
1 Section tab Expands a new section in the sidebar.
2 Browse Browse all available artifacts from the Itential Open Source Repository.
3 Import Import an artifact into the current IAP environment.
4 Search Searches the list of installed artifacts. Hint: Press <enter> to search.
5 Installed artifacts A list of all installed artifacts on the current IAP environment categorized by the source or home of the artifact.
6 Sidebar controls Allows for compact and extended views of the sidebar. Helpful when additional space is needed for displaying content or exploring the sidebar.


Additional information on how to build automated processes with a flow-based methodology are provided in the Artifacts section of this documentation guide.