Admin Essentials

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Permissions List

This guide contains a source list of permission endpoints used in Admin Essentials and explains what type of user access is granted for each one.

Adapter Models

Permission to Gives access to
getAdapterModelTypes Create Dialog, Chose Adapter Model (necessary to create an adapter)


Permission to Gives access to
createAdapter Create Dialog, Adapter Option
Import Dialog, Adapter Option
Adapter Details page, Clone Option
deleteAdapter Collection Dialog, Delete Adapter
Adapter Details page, Delete Option
getAdapter Adapter Details page
getAdapterChangelogs Adapter Details → Logging → Changelogs
getAdapters Sidebar, Adapters Option
Dashboard, Alert Grid Actions on Adapters
Active Profile → Adapters Grid → Action Options
updateAdapter Adapter Details, Advanced Edits (toggle in upper-right corner)
updateAdapterLogging Adapter Details, Logging Edits
updateAdapterProperties Adapter Details, Form Edits

Admin Essentials

Permission to Gives access to
/admin/ View Admin Essentials


Permission to Gives access to
getApplication App Details page
getApplicationChangelogs App Details → Logging → Changelogs
getApplications Sidebar, Applications Option
Dashboard, Alert Grid Actions on Apps
Active Profile → Applications Grid → Action Options
updateApplication App Details, Advanced Edits (toggle in upper-right corner)
updateApplicationLogging App Details, Logging Edits
updateApplicationProperties App Details, Form Edits

Current Operations

Permission to Gives access to
WorkFlowEngine, pauseJob Current Operations, Pause Job Option
WorkFlowEngine, cancelJob Current Operations, Cancel Job Option
WorkFlowEngine, activate
WorkFlowEngine, deactivate
Current Operations, Toggle Task Worker
Dashboard, Toggle Task Worker


Permission to Gives access to
getAdaptersHealth Dashboard, Alert Grid Adapters
Active Profile → Adapter Grid
getApplicationsHealth Dashboard, Alert Grid Apps
Active Profile → Application Grid
getServerHealth Dashboard, Blueprint Button
Dashboard, Automation Platform
getSystemHealth Dashboard, Blueprint Button
Dashboard, Automation Platform

Integration (Int) Models

Permission to Gives access to
createIntegrationModel Create Dialog, Int Model Option
Int Model Details page, Clone Option
deleteIntegrationModel Int Model Details page, Delete Option
getIntegrationModel Int Model Details page
getIntegrationModels Sidebar, Int Models Option
validateIntegrationModel Create Dialog, Validate Int Model button


Permission to Gives access to
createIntegration Create Dialog, Integration Option
Import Dialog, Integration Option
Integration Details page, Clone Option
deleteIntegration Integration Details page, Delete Option
getIntegration Integration Details page
getIntegrations Sidebar, Integrations Option
updateIntegration Integration Details, Advanced Edits (toggle in upper-right corner)
updateIntegrationProperties Integration Details, Form Edits


Permission to Gives access to
exportPrebuilt Collection Dialog, Export Icon for Prebuilts
Prebuilt Details page, Download Icon
getPrebuilt Prebuilt Details page
getPrebuilts Sidebar, Prebuilts Option
importPrebuilt Import Dialog, Prebuilt Option
removePrebuilt Prebuilt Details page, Uninstall button
updatePrebuilt Prebuilt Details page, Update button
validatePrebuilt Import Dialog, Upload of Prebuilt

Prebuilts Repository

Permission to Gives access to
getRepositoryPrebuilts Sidebar, Browse button under Prebuilts


Permission to Gives access to
createProfile Create Dialog, Profile Option
Import Dialog, Profile Option
Profile Details page, Clone Option
deleteProfile Collection Dialog, Delete Profile
Profile Details page, Delete Option
getProfile Profile Details page
getProfiles Sidebar, Profiles Option
switchActiveProfile Profile Details page, Edit → Active Profile Toggle
updateProfile Profile Details page, Configuration Edits


Permission to Gives access to
getAdapterSchema Adapter Details page, Form
getApplicationSchema App Details page, Form
getIntegrationSchema Integration Details page, Form
getProfileSchema Profile Details page, Form


Permission to Gives access to
all Tags Dialog
create Tags Dialog, Create Option
Create Dialog, Tags Option
Import Dialog, Tags Option
delete Collection Dialog, Delete for Tags
Tag Dialog, Delete Option
update Tags Dialog, Edit Option

User Management

Permission to Gives access to
createAccount Create Dialog, User Option
createGroup Create Dialog, User Group Option
deleteAccount User Management, Delete User Option
deleteGroup User Management, Delete Group Option
getAccounts User Management, User Grid
getAssignableRoles User Management, Edit Group
getGroups User Management, Group Grid
setAccountGroups User Management, Edit User
setAccountPassword User Management, Edit User Password (not required to edit user groups)
setGroupRoles User Management, Edit Groups