Automation Catalog

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User Guide

This user guide provides application information about Automation Catalog.

Accessing the Application

The primary ways to access the application are:

  • From the home screen, locate the Automation Catalog icon card.

    Automation Catalog Card

  • Navigate to the Applications menu and select Automation Catalog.

    Applications Menu

After accessing Automation Catalog, a list of available automations will display in card format.


Create New Automation

To create a new automation:

  1. Click the plus (+) icon on the blank card.

Note: See the image of the main canvas above in Accessing the Application.

  1. Provide a name for the new automation.

Edit an Automation

To view and edit an automation:

  1. Click the stacked dots button (lower-right corner).
  2. Select Edit.

Automation Edit

Modify Automation Details

Within an automation, you can change multiple attributes.

Auotmation Details

To modify read/write access, click the cog near the automation name.

Auotmation Permissions

Run an Automation

There are two ways to run an automation:

Method 1

  1. From the Automations page, click the stacked dots menu button.

  2. Select Run.

    Automation Run from Menu

  3. Input the form-data, if required. Then click Run.

    Automation Form-data

Method 2

  1. Select an automation from the Automations sidebar.

    Automation Sidebar

  2. Select Run Manually.

    Automation Run Manually

  3. Input the form-data, if required. Then click Run.

Note: Refer to the image after Step 3 in Method 1 above.

Schedule an Automation

  1. Select an automation from the Automations sidebar.

    Automation Sidebar

  2. Enable scheduling by toggling the Schedule switch.

    Automation Schedule

  3. Fill out and save form-data, if needed.

    Automation Save Form-Data

  4. Select a future date/time and how often the schedule should repeat. Then click Apply.

    Automation Scheduling


Use the following attributes to set an automation.

Attribute Description
Groups Write: Group of users that can modify the automation details.
Read: Group of users that can view and run an automation.
Workflow Select the workflow that will run when the automation is triggered.
Form If a workflow needs input data (i.e., device name), select a form that will capture this data from users that trigger the automation. You can edit/create forms by clicking the corresponding buttons, which opens the JSON Forms application.
Run At To schedule an automation to be triggered at a certain date and time, use the calendar (date) and clock (time) icon.
Repeats Based on the date and time set in the Run At field, select a recurring interval for triggering the automation.

Form Data

If a form is selected, it will display on the right side of the screen. For a scheduled automation, form data is required to start the workflow.

  • Complete the form fields (name and description).
  • Click Save Form Data.

The form data is passed into a workflow through a field called formData, which is available as a job variable in Workflow Builder. You can use the query task in Workflow Builder to access data that is stored in different containers within the formData object.