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Service Catalog provides a central view for users to define what services can be provisioned in a workflow within IAP and at what authorization level (based on a unique user identity). Designated groups (and thereby users belonging to those groups) can initiate a job from Service Catalog that provisions a service.

Service Catalog Application

Service Catalog uses forms, NSO service models, and workflows to provision services in the Itential Automation Platform (IAP). It allows you to pass form data into a workflow that is used for service instantiation.

The fields that are present in a form are determined by Service Manager. Adding or removing a designated group in the Service Catalog will also add/remove the field in the form.

Form Example


How to Use Service Catalog

Service Catalog and Service Catalog Builder are separate application cards on the main Itential screen, but they work together in conjunction with each other.


When you access Service Catalog for the first time, the table may be empty. Use the information below to create a new service.

Create a New Service

To create a new service:

  1. Expand the Menu icon at the top and select Service Catalog Builder.


  2. Click Add Service.


  3. Enter the appropriate information for your new service. See the following table for reference.


    Label Description
    Display Name The name that displays in the Service Catalog application list.
    Service Choose which service you want to create an instance on; a list of all services can be found in Service Manager.
    Description A brief description of the service will display in the Service Catalog application list.
    Variable Name The name used in the workflow as the variable.
    Groups Used to indicate who has access to create and run an instance, and who can view the results; also indicates who can work the instance after it has been run.
    Inherit Job Groups from Groups This checkbox option allows the user to set the Job Groups field for the Service Catalog to be the same as what is set in the Groups field.
    Job Groups Used to designate which job groups can create a service instance and then initiate a workflow.
    Form Select a form from the dropdown list to pass through your workflow.
    Workflow Select a workflow to run from the dropdown list.
  4. Click Save once all information is entered.

  5. Service Catalog Builder displays the service in a list.


Update an Existing Service

To update job groups for an existing service:

  1. Select the existing service that you want to change from Service Catalog Builder.

  2. Select the Groups to which you want to grant permissions.

  3. Use the Inherit Jobs Groups from Groups checkbox to specify the same set of users, or you can uncheck the checkbox and select a customized list of job groups with permissions to run a service instance and view the results.

  4. Click Update to save.


  5. Click the exit button servicecatalog to close the application.

  6. Reopen the application to verify if the jobs group were updated.

How to Start a Job from Service Catalog

To start a job:

  1. Go to Service Catalog. A service list will display.


  2. Select the service from the list. A form will display and prompt you to enter a job name.


  3. Click Submit after you have entered the job name.


  4. A message displays asking you to confirm if you want to run the workflow. Click OK.

  5. Click Submit to start the job.


  6. The job results will display in Job Manager.