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About This Tour

Welcome to the Itential Tour Guide

Congratulations! Your company has installed Itential Automation Platform (IAP) to streamline network operations and you've been given user access to its features and tools. By now you've logged in and reached the IAP home screen, but you are confronted with a sundry arrangement of application tiles and you're asking this question - where do I begin?

To help you get going, this quick-start guide explains the IAP home screen, what the application tiles are all about, and how to use them. To expand your IAP knowledge further, Itential also offers a robust documentation site full of information you can reference anytime here.

Note: The screenshots and process steps used in this tour guide are specific to the legacy Generation 1 (Gen1) Automation Builder workflow canvas. Most of the same functionality is available in the Generation 2 (Gen2) Automation Builder canvas.

This Tour Guide has five sections:

  1. About this Tour
  2. Starting with Automation Studio
  3. Pass Data Between Tasks
  4. Custom Values
  5. Using Forms

This guide was arranged to build your understanding of the various applications incrementally. It's important that you go through each section in the order that's listed. We also recommend that you not skip around or breeze through the information that's presented.

Note: This Tour Guide is no substitute for the formal training that's provided by Itential Academy. The in-depth training you get from Itential Academy explains the software in greater detail and is designed for software professionals looking to advance their skills using the Itential platform.

We hope you find the material in this guide helpful. Let's get started!