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Some jobs share a need for the same set of task sequences. For this situation, you can create a separate workflow containing a single instance of those tasks and call them from other jobs.

The childJob task starts a job inside the running job. The calling or parent job waits for the child to finish or enter an error state before progressing to its next task. Anything that is a job variable in the child job is placed in an object with the <job_variable__name> : <job_variable_value> key/value pair format and is returned as the outgoing data from the child job task to the parent. Then if you want a particular job variable, you use a query task to query out that key (job variable name) and now you have your value.


Property Description
Workflow (required) Select a child workflow in the Workflow dropdown.
Job Variables When the child job requires job variables, those variables will be listed in the Job Variables section. The name of each job variable will be listed with Location and Value fields. Specify where to find values for each child's job variables in the Location dropdown. Values can come from a job variable, a static value, or an earlier task's outgoing variable. If the Location is a job variable or earlier task, the Value shows a dropdown of available variable names for selection. If the Location is static, the Value variable becomes a text edit box.

Job Variables


Figure: Child Job task

Child Job Task